Marc Apon-Vonk
Innovatie lab facilitator

Originally Marc is a digital designer and that mainly focuses on the user-friendly aspect of digital products such as websites and mobile applications. Designing with the user at the center is leading in this field and the principles of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design are the basis for the approach of these types of processes.

In 2014 Marc started in Amsterdam at design agency Fonk as a user experience designer. During that time he was able to work with many different clients. From startups to large corporate clients such as ABN AMRO and ING. With design thinking as the basis, the step was quickly made towards a broader application of this knowledge. In 2017, he therefore started to give workshops together with Anno Innovation within semi-government and commercial companies such as Microsoft and housing corporations in Noord-Holland and Drenthe. Here he guides business change processes in the form of innovation master classes and lab environments. It teaches employees to think differently about the approach to their work. Here too, design thinking forms an important basis for the approach. Thinking about problems more from the perspective of users or customers and looking for solutions together with these stakeholders instead of on your own island is the most important change in this.

In 2019, Marc made the switch to Concept7 to broaden his knowledge of design on the one hand, and to work more closely with experts in the field of business change on the other. After a year at Concept7, it became clear to me that the knowledge about design thinking, the transfer of this knowledge and the supervision of projects that are carried out in this area had fueled a greater ambition. In order to realize that ambition, he started in 2020 as a design thinking teacher at NHL Stenden University in Leeuwarden. Here Marc guides students of the minor Sustainable Design Solutions to solve questions from the professional field in project form using design thinking principles.