Karlijn Meijer 

Project and program management

Karlijn is an expert on the application of creativity and learning in innovation programs. With a background in visual arts and 10 years experience as projectmanager and management consultant, she specialized in innovation and change management for publishers and companies in the educational field. She supervised the progress of participating media firms in the innovation program Publisher of the Future (Uitgeverij van de Toekomst), a cooperative network of 120 Dutch publishers and media firms. Karlijn recently managed an innovative learning & development program for over 400 employees.

Her skillset is characterized by a combination of creative and analytical qualities: broad knowledge of organizational, cultural and behavioral change, proficiency in projectmanagement and consultancy skills, as well as a finely tuned sense for the soft side of the process. Karlijn employs both brain hemispheres to solve problems and she will get things done in complex and changing environments, such as Education and Agrifood. Her main motivation and focus concerns sustainable growth and social impact.