Jos Jacob de Jong
Organizational strategist

As a born and bred northerner (Friesland) you will find a real booster and do-er in Jos.  He is  entrepreneurial, result-oriented and believes in personal leadership and multidisciplinary work. He is strategic thinker, but does not lose sight of practical feasibility. Something that goes well in the North (not shouting but cleaning).

In his extensive experience as an account and sales manager, the starting point is always the problem that needs to be solved. To fathom this problem, he advises clients from a genuine interest in organizations, people and organizational processes. Listening and asking in-depth questions are always the starting point. Jos has a broad experience with various branches. From governments and the public sector to e-commerce players, banks and insurers. From large commercially driven organizations to start-ups throughout the Netherlands. Each of them brings its own dynamics. He views stimulating stakeholders to take the next (sometimes uncomfortable) step as a challenge.

Human work with a touch of commerce and northern sobriety; he gets out of bed every day for that. The relationship with my clients is based on trust, respect and common goals where he advises them on a strategic, tactical and operational level. Because he believes in open, multidisciplinary and self-managing organizations, he does this in close collaboration with both personal network of professionals and the internal team of clients.